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Pacom Solutions

Welcome to the Pacom product guide, your one-stop source for integrated access control and security solutions. This Product Guide highlights our comprehensive line of powerful security solutions in a format that is both informative and easy to use. All products featured in this Guide are available through our extensive network of Pacom Value Added Reseller (VARs) who are committed to taking care of your needs. With an in-house R&D facility, Pacom is at the forefront of technology and electronic security developments. Our entire range of leading-edge products have been built upon years of industry experience - culminating in bullet-proof reliability and performance. These values, combined with our technological vision and product development capabilities, guarantee that we can offer a solution that meets the needs of today and the security challenges of tomorrow.

Pacom communications technology was conceived to permit security data from remote locations to share the client’s corporate network as the means of transmission to a central monitoring point without compromising ‘core business’ data. Pacom supports industry standard network protocols.

To provide data integrity a number of data security checking and verification measures are employed to ensure remote equipment has not been substituted or tampered with. Remote control and diagnostics via the network link eliminate considerable numbers of service visits and allow for rapid, enterprise-wide upgrading of operating software as new enhancements become available.

The Pacom product range continues to evolve to include all aspects of signalling, control and management of security. It has also been expanded so that data from other business activities can easily utilise the technology.

What we do?

  • Design and manufacture end-to-end integrated security system solutions
  • Research & development facility based in Sydney, Australia
  • Documentation, marketing, logistics and technical support (helpdesk)
  • Offer our products through non-proprietary distribution channel of carefully selected Value Added Resellers (VARs)
  • Provide integrated solutions for single and multi-site networked security applications
  • Specialize in centralized management control security solutions utilizing existing LAN/WANs (proven track record)

Main Benifits

  • No Communication cost to the Security System as we use the existing network to transmit alarm information.
  • Reduced Operational cost because of remote management capabilities
  • Huge reducation in False Alarms
  • Redundancy at each level of the system
  • Fully integrated security system to manage all security needs

(To visit the Pacom Website Click on the link below and download Bells Pacom brochure)


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