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Pacom Software

Graphical Management System (GMS)

GMS is a modular client-server application that performs access control, alarm monitoring and management, identifi cation and card printing, and digital video surveillance and recording. GMS offers a fully distributed architecture, where all access control decisions are made locally at the control panel level. GMS uses a single (SQL) integrated database for both access control and badging/imaging functionality.

Unrivalled Access Control Capabilities

  • Support for up to 4 billion cards globally
  • Support for up to 256,000 cardholders per Control Panel
  • Unlimited access levels
  • Multiple cards per cardholder
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Intuitive card trace
  • Global anti-passback
  • Card counting (parking lot operation)
  • Temporary Card Management
  • Cardholder Screen Customization
  • Card/badge printing
  • Two man rule
  • Individual strike times per cardholder
  • Database import
  • Live cardholder image display
  • Operator / Database partitioning

Video Badging & Card Printing

GMS's built-in design application allows users to capture cardholder photographs and signatures and design and print a personalized access card – complete with company logo and dazzling graphics!

Card Encoding

Encode and produce your own Magnetic Stripe or Barcode cards.

Card Management System (CMS) Interface

Eliminate the duplication of data entry by using GMS’s intelligent, generic, bi-directional interface to communicate with third party applications such as Human Resource (HR) applications.

Multi-Card Format

Confi gure up to 5 different Wiegand card formats (with parity programming) on a single reader – perfect for companies with different card formats or those that may migrate from one card format to another.

Visitor Management

Enter a visitor’s details including the person they are visiting, and issue a custom-designed visitor identifi cation card with a confi gurable validity period.

Real Time Mustering

View real time transactions and cardholder status (IN/OUT) from confi gurable muster readers and, when necessary, generate a Mustering (Roll Call) Report.

GMS Optional Modules & Interfaces

Central Station Alarm Receivers

Connect a digital receiver to the GMS Server and graphically monitor third party alarm panels from within Pacom’s Graphical Management System.

  • Radionics / SIA / Contact ID
  • Redcare
  • Sur-Gard

DVR Interfaces

GMS’s range of intelligent DVR interfaces enable video verifi cation to be achieved with ease by offering the ability to automatically retrieve and display video in GMS based on an alarm or card access event.

  • Dallmeier
  • Dedicated Micros
  • IDIS
  • Integral Technologies
  • Intivid
  • Lanex
  • March Networks
  • POS-Watch

CCTV Switcher Interface

Communicate with Pelco, Pacom and American Dynamics CCTV matrix switchers and use GMS’s interactive GUI to switch cameras in response to alarms.

Custom Reports

Create and design your own professional-looking report templates (with queries) without requiring third party software.

Elevator High Level Interfaces (HLI)

Confi gure a high level interface with Elevator Management Systems such as EPL KONE and OTIS and manage cardholders’ access tofloors within a building.

Guard Tour

Confi gure existing card readers and input points as tour stops, and graphically monitor the status of guards doing their rounds.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Using a tone-based telephone handset, users can remotely control the entire security system and evenhave the system status read back using intelligent text-tospeech technology.

Message Routing

Send alarm messages not only to a Pacom Base Station (or Transit), but simultaneously send the same alarm using either Contact ID, SIA or SMS formats (via a different port on the Control Panel) to an alternate monitoring location.

Email & Pager Interface

Send pager or email messages in response to an alarm.

People Counter Interface

This intelligent interface with the IRISYS range of thermal imaging people counters enables users to trigger events when specific counts are reached and also allows important count statistics to be recorded.


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